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F1 Grand Prix of Malaysia - Practice Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Since UF spent 3 days looking at a hurricane instead of getting their shit together, we’re left here with a sudden bye week. So, what now?

The players have been given the weekend off and the coaches are dispersed to the far corners of the country on the recruiting trail. But what are we, the fans, left with? Sure you could spend some time catching up on house work *shudder *


The college football will be there, surely. Read up on Adam’s HOW TO FOOTBALL for all you need to know, or check out our weekly list from of GAMES WORTH WATCHING.

You could watch some NFL....or not

The MLB Division Series are off to some hot starts. And a handful of former Tigers are still in action.

Looking for something to do in Baton Rouge? Head down to University Club and do the golf spectator thing as #4 LSU Men’s Golf hosts The David Toms Intercollegiate all weekend.

Other LSU teams in action include the Men’s and Women’s Swim/Dive teams at a meet at Loyola in New Orleans, and Volleyball and Soccer both on the road at UGA (the volleyball game will be live on SECN+ at 12:30pm on Sunday)

At this point I might recommend you spend some time Saturday with NBCSN’s excellent Premier League soccer coverage, but it’s an international break weekend. SO IT’S TIME TO PULL FOR THE RED WHITE AND BLUE. USA V Cuba is tipping off at 3 this afternoon over on ESPN2.

But all of those options are typical. What else is available this weekend in the truly WIDE WORLD of Sport?

Shoutout here to the ATVS rugby crew. NBCSN is carrying a few English rugby matches on their app, but I have to imagine the big headline is a classic New Zealand vs South Africa matchup coming to you at 10am Louisiana time on ESPN3.

What is “Kabaddi” ? I have absolutely no idea, but it’s World Cup is this weekend and it’s on ESPN 3 and HELL YEAH, AMERICA’S GOT A TEAM IN IT GO GO USA!

A side effect of my recent blooming of Soccer fandom is that all that time with NBCSN has also made me a fan of F1. I had so much fun last weekend watching Mercedes blowing up and having a race be competitive again. The F1 world tour goes to Japan this weekend, whit some race times that are halfway decent for those of us in America. Qualifying is at 1am Friday night and the race is at 11pm Saturday night (Geaux WIlliams!)

And hey, there’s some genuinely good WRASSLIN’ this weekend too at No Mercy. Styles v Ambrose v Cena for the World title will be excellent, but my money is on the Miz v Ziggler “Title v Career” as the match of the night.

You might love, or hate, all of these options, but they are options. And with no game to watch or tailgate to...tailgate, I’m going to hang out here with all you lovely people and I encourage you to do the same. Anything in your world of sports that I missed? Sound off below. Let’s have a Big ‘Ol Weekend Open Thread, talk about what ever you’re watching. Let’s commiserate over how much of an idiot Jeremy Foley is.


Saturday, October 8th (Printable schedule with DirecTV channels)
Auburn at Mississippi State 11:00 am ESPN / SECN / WatchESPN
East Carolina at South Florida 11:00 am ESPN News / WatchESPN
Iowa at Minnesota 11:00 am ESPN2 / WatchESPN
Maryland at Penn State 11:00 am BTN / BTN2Go Video
Notre Dame at North Carolina State 11:00 am ABC / espn3
Oklahoma vs. Texas (Dallas) 11:00 am FS1 / FSGo Video
Southern Miss at UTSA 11:00 am MASN / CSBA *4 / ASN (.pdf affiliates) / $CUSA Video
Houston at Navy 2:00 pm CBSSN / CBSSN Video / $CSLive Video
ESPN GoalLine 2:00 pm ESPNGL / WatchESPN
Air Force at Wyoming 2:30 pm RSRM / RSNW / MWC Video / Twitter Video?
Army at Duke 2:30 pm ECE / FSN Affiliates / ACC RSN / WatchESPN / (blackouts)
BYU at Michigan State 2:30 pm ABC / espn3 or ESPN2 / WatchESPN (reverse mirror)
Tennessee at Texas A&M 2:30 pm CBS / CBS Video
Virginia Tech at North Carolina 2:30 pm ABC / espn3 or ESPN2 / WatchESPN (reverse mirror)
Colorado at USC 3:00 pm PAC-12 Network / PAC-12 Video
Vanderbilt at Kentucky 3:00 pm SECN / WatchESPN
Alabama at Arkansas 6:00 pm ESPN / WatchESPN / espn3 Skycam / espn3 Data Center
Idaho at Louisiana Monroe 6:00 pm ESPN Extra / espn3
Texas Tech at Kansas State 6:00 pm ESPNU / WatchESPN
Washington at Oregon 6:30 pm FOX / FSGo Video
Florida State at Miami 7:00 pm ABC / espn3
Arizona at Utah 9:00 pm FS1 / FSGo Video
Utah State at Colorado State 9:00 pm CBSSN / CBSSN Video
UCLA at Arizona State 9:30 pm ESPN2 / WatchESPN
UNLV at San Diego State 9:30 pm ESPNU / WatchESPN
Washington State at Stanford 9:30 pm ESPN / WatchESPN
McNeese State at Southeastern Louisiana 6:00 pm espn3 / CST (cable)