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Playin’ ...”Nice” ... Arkansas Fight

The one where we as Doc Harper to keep that ugly ass trophy no matter who wins.

The Boot
Haaaaate you.

I suspect we know BERT's opinion on football with his friends and fun that never ends...but what about...twins?

Pro twins, of course. Who isn't?

When do we get the Allen Bros. vs. the Dick Bros. in a tag team match? And who would win?

If the Allen bros blow all their NFL money and need cash, maybe then. Don't think the Dick kids would want anything to do with it, though. They'd lose for sure.

Have y'all melted down that ugly-ass trophy into something useful yet?

Hell no, we're all about map-trophies up here, apparently. We even made an uglier version of The Boot for our game with Missouri. Like literally, it's a map of the two states, but silver instead of gold and hollow, so it's just the outline of the states. Then, if Arkansas wins, they put a red bar in the middle of it and a gold bar if Missouri wins. It's so terrible.

Any suggestions for getting Houston Nutt to stop calling? He seems interested in the potential coaching vacancy.

That doesn't stop until you make your hire. Just gotta deal with it. Should make for some quality #InternetContent though.

So for real...what's the best way to for Arkansas fans to consume themselves?

Ribs. Always ribs.