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After a few weekly press conferences, you start to see DACOACHO’s patterns. “Tell-the-Truth” Monday, business trip, one heartbeat, 60 minutes, etc....compliments LSU coordinators on the prep work done...lots of compliments for Florida’s skill positions, and their DC Jeff Collins...on the locker room mood after the game: “What you felt in that locker room was a release, release of a tough week of work. We all want to get that awful feeling out of us.”...questions the ability of the Purdue coaching staff (who have been fired) to effectively evaluate QBs...on Guice getting close to the LSU rushing record, said the rotation is handled by Jabbar and that they don’t try to go for records...even though some prep work had been done during the original UF week, the coaching staff will start from scratch...praise for OL coach Jeff Grimes and the rotation used in the game...Fournette might be ok, Marruci will determine his practice load this week...passes on talk of Fournette sitting out to save his pro career or Duke Reily saying he’s playing to get O the job, only want to focus on Florida...”Do you [empathize] at all with what McElwain is dealing with where he needs to win to win the East and instead of playing in The Swamp, he's in Death Valley on senior day? COACH ORGERON: No.”...Still sticking with Tre White at punt return, will work on issues this week...Gives thanks to the seniors who bought in to the changes when O took over, helped the transition go smooth...asked about LSU potentially making the Sugar Bowl: “Florida, noon, Saturday. That's all I can think about, man.”...says Monday practices are now closed to work on “secret plays” didn’t want them getting out on The Twitter...O believes the draft elegile juniors have probably already made their decisions, but he’ll spend time re-recruiting them to stay anyway...said Danny Etling probably worked the hardest out of anyone last week, and had a look about him before kickoff that he wanted to prove something...

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