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3rd Annual Paul Crewe SEC Survivor Pool: Week 12

Down goes Poseur! Down goes Poseur!


Well, our streak of winners is snapped, as Poseur A) Forgot to submit his pick and B) Would have picked a loser in Vandy anyhow. So we’re down to the final 2. Oh the drama.

This Week’s Games

Louisiana-Lafayette @ Georgia

The Bulldogs sprung a surprise victory vs. Auburn last week and are now, somehow, staring at a chance for a 9-win seasons. Note: They are still a bad football team. They almost lost to Nicholls St. At home. Maybe another Louisiana squad can finish the job?

Texas San Antonio vs. #25 Texas A&M

A&M went from appearing in the initial Playoff rankings to losing to unranked Mississippi State to losing again to unranked Ole Miss, because they seem to be indebted to the state of Mississippi. They are now in the midst of yet another November collapse under Sumlin. Like clockwork. UTSA is below average-ish and rookie HC Frank Wilson is working on a turnaround for that program. I’m certain he’ll have his guys motivated to spring an upset. I’m also certain they don’t have near the talent level to pull off said upset. Aggies should rebound here.

#23 Florida @ #16 LSU

Ah, the home game that wasn’t for UF. Honestly, the media is gonna waste a lot of breath opining about how different this outcome may have been had these two teams played in October instead of now. And frankly, UF might have been a tiny inch better, or at least fully healthy. But this is not a good Florida team. LSU has wiped the floor with everyone not named Alabama since Orgeron took over. This should be the second best defense they’ve faced, but Arkansas, who cannot run on any, put 223 on the ground on ‘em. This will be ugly.

Missouri @ #19 Tennessee

Mizzou is flat terrible. They miss Gary Pinkel something fierce. Tennessee isn’t good and is injured. But this is the game that should clinch the East for them. That is, if they aren’t distracted by keeping tabs on UF playing LSU. The Vols should take this one and punch their ticket to their 2nd beatdown from Alabama, this time in Atlanta!

Arkansas @ Mississippi State

This is the battle for last place in the SEC West. Arkansas took it on the chin from LSU last week. Let’s see if they get a hangover. I’m suspecting they will, on the road, against a feisty but underwhelming Mississippi State. Is the loser of this game have his job in jeopardy? It wouldn’t be fair to Mullen, but people are talking. Bert has done next to nothing in Fayetteville but kept riding out LSU victories to keep his bosses happy. Now.... what does he have to show for it?

Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt

This game is sneakier than you might think. Ole Miss is favored by 10 on the road, but Vandy needs these next two to get bowl eligible. Vandy’s D is tougher than you might think and Ole Miss will start a true freshman QB on the road in back-to-back weeks. Not to mention the dreaded trap game fear, just a week before the Egg Bowl. All I’m saying is picture me holding a pencil in your face and saying ‘Not so fast, my friends!’

Good luck!