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Playin’ Nice: Good Bull Hunting

Dr. Norris Camacho of our friends at Good Bull Hunting prime us on Thursday’s matchup.

Good Bull Hunting

1. Last game of the year, short week -- what's the injury situation for the Aggies, aside from Trevor Knight being out?

Armani Watts and Donovan Wilson, 2/3 of our Safety Voltron, both missed the UTSA game and are uncertain for LSU. Starting guard Connor Lanfear had surgery last week, so he's done for the season. Myles Garrett seems to be back to or near 100% after a long struggle with a high ankle sprain.

2. Speaking of Knight's injury, how has that affected the A&M offense?

Uhh, negatively. While Hubenak probably throws a better deep ball, Knight's running ability is what really made this offense click early in the year. When you take away the QB threat on the zone read, it pretty much stifles your run game if that's the approach you've built.

3. Another year, another fast start and late fade. Is there a real chance the Kevin Sumlin may join Les Miles in unemployment?

We certainly hope not. While the frustrations are understandable, now is not the time to be coach shopping with so much uncertainty out there on the carousel. We think he should get one more year. For all the frustrating disappointments, we have to recall that it was Sumlin who built up those expectations and secured the high rankings. Give him one more year to try and finish strong.

4. Run defense has been a struggle for the Aggies all year. What's the story there?


5. Best guess as to how this game might unfold?

Both teams play stupid football all night and take a 10-10 tie into the fourth quarter. Then the Aggie offense completely unravels and LSU scores two late touchdowns. Aggies in attendance tweet such fiery taeks that the Kyle Field wifi routers get fried and Sumlin is whisked away underground through a network of steam tunnels to a waiting jet at Easterwood Airport where he flies straight to West Lafayette, IN and becomes the surprise new coach at Purdue. Roll Tide.