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NCAA Football:  Florida at Louisiana State Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

DACOACHO's theme for talking about last week is to focus on the problems with execution. Coming up empty on five red zone trips, the botched FG snap, coverage breakdowns at the exact wrong moment, etc...usual opponent compliments for A&M, O is particularly impressed with Myles had a big practice day on Monday, a light day on Tuesday, and will travel on Wednesday...acknowledges Guice's mistake on the last play, but wont put the blame for the game on him when there were 20 other plays where execution mistakes cost LSU. Everyone on the team has to learn from the game and move forward...says the key to A&M's successful pass rush is that they focus on sound fundamental tackling instead of a sell out pass rush....Kendall Beckwith will be out against A&M, Fournette a gametime decision...acknowledges that Donny Alexander, Beckwith's backup, is quite a bit lighter than Beckwith, but think's that's an advantage against A&M's spread O....O gets multiple questions about the future of his job and deflects them all easily, says he's focusing on the game...was asked if he had any hesitation taking the interim job at LSU after what happened at USC: "No, I'm going for it. I'm going for it. I always believe in accepting challenges to better yourself, to compete at the highest level. This is the highest level. There was never a doubt that I would not try to compete at the highest level. And it's been fantastic. And every day I woke up and just thank God for the opportunity."...Raves for a minute about the defensive leadership from Duke Riley in the last game, especially after Beckwith went down...O wishes he would have clamped down on some of the player comments before the Florida game, referenced his time at Miami in a game against Notre Dame when they won the fight but lost the game...

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