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Playin’... “Nice” ... Good Bull Hunting

We give thanks for Aggies jokes with Dr. Norris Camacho.

1. So do y'all include the Kyle Field bats in your Thanksgiving plans?

Yes. Traditional Aggie sweet potatoes are served off a platter made of calcified guano. It's tradition.

2. How does one pass the sweet potatoes in Aggie Yell Leaderese?

Have you ever seen one of those IKEA instructions with the step-by-step illustrations for assembling something complex, like a baby's crib? It's something like that, but with much more yelling.

3. What television pilot should we pitch for Les and Kevin when they're together in #funemployment?

Travel Channel reality show where they take an extended Mediterranean cruise and have to get by on $30 a day. Call it "Maritime Audible."

4. Since this is our last time doing this on Thanksgiving, what's another traditional Thanksgiving dish that has overstayed its welcome?

Mashed potatoes. It's a red meat accouterments, has no place alongside roasted poultry. Do we really need both sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes? Think about it.