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Herman and Fisher and Orgeron...OH MY!

Multiple sauces

Well, if you weren’t on twitter during tonight’s game, you likely still heard about the dozens upon dozens of reports regarding LSU’s head coaching vacancy:

Which set off a tweetstorm from media, notably the media in Austin.

and eventually, national media.

It all eventually led to a statement from LSU:

Now, if all of this seems a bit fishy, it probably should. It’s the leverage and agent game, and Herman’s representative, Trace Armstrong, played it well. These leaks had one purpose, and that was to send a signal flair to the University of Texas to get off its ass and get serious about its coaching process, because that’s the job he really wants. There was literally no reason for anybody connected to LSU to leak this.

Did LSU likely speak with Herman’s people? Probably. But I’d be surprised if it was that serious, given that the Houston coach is in Memphis for a game on Friday, and Joe Alleva has always been planning to meet with Ed Orgeron on Friday. It does appear that Jimbo Fisher is not interested in the job, but given that they call this the Silly Season for a reason, we’ll see if that changes.


We’ll stay on top of things.