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Myles Brennan Decommits; UPDATE

Student Sports

Long standing QB commit Myles Brennan opted to pull his verbal pledge.

This comes not even 12 hours after it became public that LSU had offered Alabama QB commitment Tua Tagovailoa. LSU coaches also rolled 3-deep into Lowell Narcisse’s house last night.

The timing of the Tagovailoa offer seemed curious, especially as rumors of Lane Kiffin heading to Baton Rouge as OC have reached maximum heat. Tagovailoa is set to enroll early at Alabama in just a few weeks, so that will be an interesting story to monitor.

As for Brennan, the writing seems on the wall that the new coaching staff didn’t value him as much as Miles/Cameron. It sucks for Brennan, who has been fiercely loyal and optimistic about the coaching change throughout the process. It’s also a clear sign that Orgeron is looking to make some serious offensive shifts to a system built with more QB runs. Brennan’s skills don’t fit that mold.

The downside here is that I’m a firm believer LSU should be recruiting multiple QBs in every signing class. It’s such a difficult position to scout, your best chance is to stock the cabinet with bodies until you find one that works. Can they find a 2nd QB in this signing class? Seems like a tall task this close to Signing Day. The top 27 dual-threat QBs are all committed. Myles Brennan is now the only uncommitted top 20 Pro-Style QB.

The upside here is that I’m not sure Brennan is really what many LSU fans have built him to be. He’s a fantastic HS player that’s breaking gobs of records in Mississippi. But reports of his performance nationally aren’t overly impressive. He didn’t stand out at Elite 11 competitions, despite some early positive reports. His offer list isn’t terribly impressive. I think he could thrive in an Air Raid system, but I’m not sure he’s cut to be the top tier QB talent LSU is looking to lead them. Brennan did receive immediate interest in the wake of LSU offering Tagovailoa:

It’s also worth noting Lane Kiffin & Alabama extended an offer to Lowell Narcisse but not Myles Brennan.

In many ways, Brennan is emblematic of the Miles era. Cutting ties with him is cutting ties with the old way of doing things. Could it be a mistake? Sure. We wish Myles the best going forward and hope he find a terrific landing spot.


Welll, it seems the Brennans would like to clarify thins a bit...

Sooo...maybe Orgeron’s visit tonight will offer some actual clarity.