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3rd Annual Paul Crewe Survivor Pool: Week 10

It’s the Final 3

Two weeks in a row has Missouri felled a helpless soul in this merciless competition. The Tigers are outright bad and look downright demoralized since the beating they took in Baton Rouge a few weeks back. That program is spiraling.

Here’s the LINK.

This Week’s Games

Georgia Southern vs. Ole Miss

The Rebels have taken their lumps, eh? Georgia Southern have lost 4 of their last 5, though. The Rebels need to win 3 of their next 4 to claim bowl eligibility, which is remarkable considering their lofty expectations.

Vanderbilt @ #9 Auburn

Vandy needs 2 wins in their next 4 games to get a bowl. Let’s make this one of them, ok ‘Dores? Auburn, well, they are pretty much in cruise control with a ground n pound attack and efficient passing game. There’s new life on the Plains as they look like the team in the driver’s seat of the West after LSU beats Alabama Saturday.

#4 Texas A&M @ Mississippi State

The Aggies pulled a shocker this week being named in the inaugural CFB Playoff ballot. Mississippi State is simply celebrating not being last in the division right now. Even more so because they are ahead of Ole Miss.

#11 Florida @ Arkansas

Florida lost to the only halfway decent team they’ve played. Arkansas’s “big” win over TCU looks pretty meh. The Hogs typically improve in November, but back-to-back dates with Florida and LSU seem deadly.

Missouri @ South Carolina


Georgia @ Kentucky

Kentucky is somehow in position to steal the SEC East. And they are terrible. Year One of Kirby: The Happening isn’t going so smoothly. Georgia has to win this game, right? Right?

#1 Bama @ #13 LSU

The irresistible force vs. the immovable object or something. There’s about 2 games left on Bama’s schedule that they can lose and this is one of them. That alone makes it worth watching. Also, they are going to lose, so that also makes this game worth watching.