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Alabama v LSU Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s Tell The Truth Monday and DACOACHO had some truth to tell. Complimented Bama, but talked about the mistakes LSU made. Substitution problems that cost LSU 2 time outs. Pass plays that didn't work. Poor run blocking and pass protection. Twice getting the ball in Bama territory and coming away with nothing. Penalties that kept Bama drives alive. All issues that need to be worked on and will be fixed....Lots of complements to the crowd and to the team’s effort this week, it just wasn't enough....Standard compliments for Arkansas, though O would repeatedly mention how large their offensive line is....many similar questions to start off, all about how to prevent the Bama hangover from happening for a 4th time in a row...mentioned that they would submit several plays to the league office for review, but would not comment on them beyond that...When asked about adjusting the defense to face a pro style offense this week: ”Well, playing against a pro style offense, yeah, obviously, we're going to have to play more base. We're going to have to hone down our run skills, tackling, those guys are really good. I watched the film this morning, two yards, two yards, 70, two yards, two yards, 60, very explosive plays. They try to wear you down. They bring in different personnels. We have to be ready to play our base and dig in play against the run. This quarterback's very good and can throw the ball.”...doesn’t think subbing in Brandon Harris at QB would have helped any, but did say later that he though Etling looked nervous at times and played out of character...said the gameplan called for giving Fournette the ball as much as they could, even tried some passes to get him the ball in space, but it didn’t work...said KJ Malone (he missed some of the Bama game with an unknown arm injury) would be fine... Was asked what he needed to do differently in his first road game as HC that wasn’t do in the earlier two road games this year: ”Win.”

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