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2016 ATVS Geaux Show Pickem - Week 14

LSU v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

We’ve come again to the end of another season of Pick’em. All that stands between us and destiny is conference championship weekend. But before we get there, LET’S TALK ABOUT HOW YA BOY PODKATT WENT 9-3 LAST WEEK!

Last Week’s Results

It was a pretty great week for the group as a whole. Your winner, with an impressive 10-2 mark, was Slowdance Boner, known better around these parts as our new basketball writer Harry Caray.

(If you’d like to join us, sign up is simple. Click on THIS LINK and sign up for an account at When prompted, the password is “tigers”. Picks will generally be ready every Monday TuesdayWednesday night. DO NOT MAKE PICKS until this post goes up each week.)

Overall Standings

We are down to the wire here on the final weekend, with the top 12 finishers all within 3 points of each other and much more still within shooting distance. Can anyone catch SemperHawg before it’s too late?

A note here for next week: As is tradition, if the season ends with a tie at the top of the standings, next week’s Army-Navy game will be used as the tiebreaker.

This Week’s Picks

A buncha Championship games this week and the all important BATTLE OF THE UL HYPHENATE fill an exciting, if small, slate for the final weekend. Naturally, I’m rooting for pure chaos.