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LB Monty Rice Commits to LSU!

Aranda begins to stock up on a needed position

Student Sports

Finally, some good news. 3-star LB Monty Rice pulled the trigger on an LSU commitment. He was widely expected to land at Georgia, but he is an early-enrollee and will sign and fax his financial aid papers today. This morning I wrote he was one to keep an eye on.

This is the beginning of filling a major area of need for LSU, with the losses of Dylan Moses and Christopher Allen to Alabama.

Though only a 3-star, Rice holds offers from a litany of top tier programs, including Georgia and Auburn. He’s a true ILB, which really helps fill a position of need for LSU. Being an early enrollee, he could be eyeing playing time as early as 2017, as LSU looks to remake a LB corps that loses three starters.

Rice looks to have good instincts and regularly makes plays by leaping passing lanes. Clearly the staff valued him over Shanon Reid, who picked Tennessee last week.

Picking LSU was a bit of a shocker, as the crystal ball had him at 100% to Georgia. Rice mentioned that Aranda’s recruitment really paid off in the end.