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Myles Brennan to Stick with LSU

Weeks ago, Myles Brennan’s commitment came into question, after the staff opted to offer Alabama QB commit Tua Tagovailoa. The offered paid no dividends, as Tagovailoa opted to not even visit LSU. Today, Brennan shut it all down again, announcing his recruitment has ended:

Though Brennan never fully decommitted, it’s a high positive that new offensive coordinator Matt Canada was so quickly able to get him back into the fold.

When the staff offered Tagovailoa, it seemed to shift in the recruitment of the position. Whether that’s the case going forward is yet to be seen, but right now it looks like the staff is focused on getting both QBs back into the fold. Lowell Narcisse was also a fan of the hire, and RTd Brennan stating yesterday that he would visit LSU to firm up things with Canada.

A lot of folks are commenting that Brennan fits Canada’s system well, but Canada himself seems to adapt to whatever he has on hand. Whomever the QB choice, Canada looks to build a system that suits that person’s skills. That’s a welcome change from the ideals of Miles/Cameron that seemed to try and square peg/round hole the QB position.

Locking down Brennan is great news for this signing class. He recently received a bump in 247’s rankings after a strong week of performance at the Alabama-Mississippi All-Star practices:

He’s now ranked as the 162 best prospect overall in this signing class. I’m curious to see how Brennan will transition in college. He’s got a strong arm, but he played in a pass heavy spread attack in HS. To me, a system like that would best suit him going forward. Perhaps that’s what Canada will look to employ. At any rate, I feel more confident with him in Matt Canada’s hands than I would have many other offensive coordinators.

Cheers to him being back in the fold.