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Les Miles Discusses ESPN, Job Prospects

So just what is LSU’s former head man looking to do next?

The Hat did a spot on the Dan Patrick Show, discussing his job prospects after falling flat with the Houston and Purdue jobs this coaching cycle. There have been numerous reports of interest on ESPN’s part to bring Miles into broadcasting full-time — something that I think most of us agree would be great fun — but he doesn’t seem ready to give up the ol’ coaching whistle yet.

Can’t say I’m that surprised. Miles is just a football coach. He never really had any other hobbies — he didn’t play golf and stuff like that. He wanted to coach his team and all the things that went with that and then go home and be with his wife and kids. Perfectly understandable, but it was part of why he never really had the relationships with certain power brokers at LSU. It’s not hard to imagine that he’s still a bit reluctant to give that part of his life up. Still, the day will come eventually, and I don’t doubt that he’ll transition to full-time media life very well.