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Dylan Moses Headlines Official Visitor List

Student Sports

Three months ago, prized recruit and Baton Rouge native Dylan Moses pledged his future to the University of Alabama. Moses followed that commitment up by openly stating he would have been at LSU had they not fired Les Miles, with whom he shared a close bond. Our sources indicated as much to us well before Moses ever publicly committed to Alabama.

In the weeks since, it’s been mostly quiet. Moses’ social media pages are a smattering of Alabama pictures and praises, not too unlike it was of LSU back when he was committed to the good guys. There are on again off again message board murmurings that Moses may continue to hold interest in LSU, though nothing much publicly substantiated from the man himself.

Moses is an early enrollee, so his final decision date is a mere weeks away. Thus, news today that Moses would indeed be taking his final official visit to LSU sparks much intrigue. It’s no secret that Orgeron and Aranda have not backed off recruiting Moses. O personally tripped to IMG Academy this week, in no small part to check in with Moses.

Could a flip be in order?

I don’t know. Publicly Moses has been solidly committed. Rumors say he tells friends close to him that he’s genuinely torn because he wants to be developed by Saban but really loves LSU. There’s also the issue of playing time. At Bama, he’d almost certainly be in the mix, but still behind a host of other similarly able bodies. At LSU, especially being an early enrollee, he might be atop the depth chart in Spring Practice. His family also continues to live in Louisiana, another draw home.

All of this could mean nothing. I do know Orgeron was the choice Moses wanted to replace Les Miles. So I can’t help but think this isn’t an empty visit. There’s something Moses feels he needs to see. And, maybe at the end of the day, he still wants Bama. Who knows?

The Rest

Austin Deculus will be in town on his official visit. There was some concern after LSU fired Miles, but he’s since reiterated he will 100% be at LSU. He’s an early enrollee, so this is just one final check-in before crossing the finish line. Enjoy the visit, kid. You could be starting next fall.

Grant Delpit will also make the trip from IMG. Delpit, too, is an early enrollee, and a player LSU may be counting on early with the likely departure of Jamal Adams. He and 5-star safety JaCoby Stevens make up the best tandem of safety recruits in the nation and both will enroll early. Could LSU start two true freshman safeties?

Finally, Lowell Narcisse. There’s a report from an Auburn board that Narcisse may be leaning toward the bad Tigers after his recent official visit. According to the report, Narcisse doesn’t have the best relationship with Orgeron and feels uncertain about the LSU OC situation, and does have a great relationship with Malzahn and Auburn OC Rhett Lashlee (remember, he once committed there). This contradicts a lot of what we’ve heard on the LSU side, in that Narcisse is 100% LSU and ready to go. He, also, is an early enrollee. Narcisse seems to fit the mold of what Orgeron is looking for in a quarterback, though his multiple knee injuries are cause for concern. LSU coaches rolled up in force to visit Narcisse a week ago, and I think after a weekend of stroking his ego he’ll stick to commitment and sign in a few weeks.

Stay tuned throughout the weekend for any big news to break.