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2016 LSU Baseball Walkout Mixtape


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Well Antoine, you're just my type
Well Antoine, you're just my type
Adam Henderson

The best release of the year was dropped today, the walkout songs list. This is an unusually late release, but it's here and since And The Valley Shook is a blog on the internet, we're about to rank this shit. Some NSFW songs.

1) Alex Bregman - Alex Bregman's Assault Of Sound | Adam Henderson

ayyy lmao

1) Antoine Duplantis - My Type | Saint Motel

Probably the best all-around song in the list, My Type begins with a very distinctive sax solo which will likely be the snippet used in-stadium. All the whitehairs will love it.

2) Russell Reynolds - March Madness | Future

Future is the busiest man in rap music, which means he's the busiest man in music period. Out of Future Hendrix's prolific 2015, March Madness was one his biggest hits and best songs. I personally love this choice because Reynolds is a pitcher and this song has the line "bend the curve in the Spur like it's the MARTA bus", which is outstandingly fitting. All the whitehairs will hate it.

3) Cole Freeman - G.O.M.D | J. Cole

I'm not sure what part of this song will be used since the chorus is hot, but is not very "family enviroment" friendly. Maybe the bass drop leading up to the last verse? Either way, I'm already mad/thankful for Freeman letting the hook get stuck in my head. I KNOW THE REASON YOU FEEL A WAY I KNOW JUST WHO YOU WANNA BE, SO EVERYDAY I THANK THE MAN UPSTAIRS THAT I AIN'T YOU AND YOU AIN'T ME. All the whitehairs will hate it.

4) Parker Bugg - The Stroke | Billy Squier

Ah yes, the best song about handies ever written. Such a great "family enviroment" song. All the whitehairs will love it.

5) O'Neal Lochridge - London Bridge | Fergie

Definitely the best gag song on the list O'Mark Lairdridge went the novelty song, but he could have done better in that department. This has "funny for the first two months but by May a small part of us wishes he doesn't start so we have to hear it again" written all over it. All the whitehairs will hate it.

6) Alex Lange - Call On Me | Eric Prydz

The only video TOO HOT FOR ATVS There are no rules here. Lange chose an old standard that is held near and dear to the goofballs in section 101. It's a safe bet, but he's not rewarded for stepping outside the box. In a shocking twist, all the whitehairs will love it due to familiarity.

7) Jake Latz - Rise And Shine | J. Cole

Latz won't be on the field until April at the absolute earliest, but that didn't stop him choosing a fire song. One of the standout tracks from Cole's much-criticized debut, it's sort of surprising that this isn't more commonly used in this fashion. All the whitehairs will hate it though.

8) Caleb Gilbert - Can't Stop | Red Hot Chili Peppers

A retread from Joe Broussard, but I can't fault Gilbert for that since he wasn't here for that. But given Broussard's role in the bullpen, it will be kind of weird not to here before the top of the 9th inning. Broussard made it his own in that respect, and that creates a situation similar to Chase Elliot taking Jeff Gordon's number in NASCAR. It will take a little for me to stop associating it with who came before him. Still a great song, and the whitehairs will love it.

9) Jared Poche - Like A Man | Lil Boosie (Ft. Rich Homie Quan)

Somebody had to pay the Boosie/Gates token, and this year it was your opening day starter Jared Poche with a track from Boosie's return album. Of course, all the whitehairs will hate it.

10) Hunter Devall - Chicks Dig It | Chris Cagle

Devall bought back Chicks Dig It from last year, a relic where country wasn't a completely deplorable genre. There's not a ton of substance to the song, but it's fun to sing and that's great for baseball games. All the whitehairs will love it.

The Rest Of The Roster

Michael Papierski - Smile | Slim Thug

Kramer Robertson - Big Rings | Drake & Future

Bryce Adams - Buy The World | Mike Will Made It (Ft. Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar & Future)

Cody Ducote - Chains (Just A Gent Remix) | Nick Jonas

Brennan Breaux - Shake Ya Tailfeather | Nelly (Ft. P. Diddy & Murphy Lee)

Greg Deichmann - Playa You Don't Know | Slim Thug

Jake Fraley - The Man | Aloe Blacc

Trey Dawson - Old Thing Back (Matoma Remix) | Notorious B.I.G. & Ja Rule

Brody Wofford - Country Boy's World | Jason Aldean

Chris Reid - Blow A Bag | Future

Austin Bain - Kings Never Die | Eminem (Ft. Gwen Stefani)

Doug Norman - Real Estate | Wiz Khalifa

Beau Jordan - Bout That Life | MMG

Bryce Jordan - We Will Rock You | Queen

John Valek III - Louisiana Saturday Night | Mel McDaniels

Jordan Romero - Rowdy Reputation | Frank Foster

Collin Strall - We Own It | Wiz Khalifa & 2 Chainz

Alden Cartwright - Swamp Assassin | Vidalia

Cole McKay - What I Believe | Skillet

Jesse Stallings - Take It Outside | Brantley Gilbert

Trent Forshag - Rockstar | R. Kelly (Ft. Kid Rock & Ludacris)

Riley Smith - Blue Collar Boys | Frank Foster

Hunter Newman - Come With Me Now | Kongos