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Lamar 12, LSU 11: Bottoming Out

Hopefully this is the lowest point of the Bullpen's season.

me irl
me irl

We've had time to sit and digest this, so let's start with the elephant in the room.

Lamar is a good baseball program. This year they will challenge Southeastern Louisiana for the Southland title. All the pieces are there for Will Davis to succeed in the future, and I wish him luck. I will absolutely be rooting for him and Lamar in the future.

But LSU had no reason losing this game. Credit Lamar all you will, they in no small part earned the win. But at the end of the day, LSU was up 8-0 in the second inning against a Southland team. Giving up that game twice is inexcusable.

And hey, I get it. Losses are inevitable, and that includes midweek losses to Southland teams. Hell, last year LSU dropped their first midweek of the year to Nicholls, a Southland team. Things like that happen.

Issue is, LSU wasn't up eight runs on Nicholls. Hell they were down six runs. Blowing an eight run lead, regardless of competition, should not happen and I personally can't believe there are people telling me otherwise.

Before I get accused of mashing the panic button or being a chicken little, the same LSU team that was down 6-0 to Nicholls won a national seed and made it to Omaha. Not every game is going to feature an eight run dam break. Hopefully this occurred early enough in the season that Alan Dunn can get it correct against the Sacramento States and Fordhams of the schedule before Alabama comes calling and SEC play begins.

There were positives to the night in Beaumont. While Austin Bain only allowed three hits in four inning, all three scored. That's just the baseball gods looking upon you unfavorably. Caleb Gilbert looked good, striking out three of the four he faced. It just so happened one made the hit that decided the game.

The LSU offense show up as well. Everybody with an plate appearance got on base. The Jordan twins accounted for four of LSU's 12 hits and Michael Papierski broke out of his mini slump to start the year. But if we're being honest, that LSU scored 11 runs and still lost just makes the result that much more painful.

Hopefully this is the lowest point of the season for the bullpen. Hopefully this is where they bottom out, close to home, and not father down the road when it's too costly and late to make an adjustment.

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