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Link Gumbo - 2/29/16

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

LSU football had a minor addition to the staff last week in the form of some new GAs in Chris Kragthorpe (son of Steve), and Carter Blount. They were both in similar roles at UGA last year.

Bob Pettit's statue was unveiled to the public before the game against Florida on Saturday. Longtime LSU hoops SDI Kent Lowe shared his thoughts on why Pettit is so important to LSU basketball.

Hard to believe it's been 10 years already, but Tiger Rag's done an excellent job catching up with the 2006 LSU Final Four team.

DigBR has a profile of former Tiger Darry Beckwith, whose foundation helps athletically gifted kids in he Baton Rouge area prepare for life after athletics.

The SEC Baseball tournament's contract with the Hoover Met runs out after this year's tournament and the SEC has solicited bids for cities that want a shot at hosting the tournament. New Orleans is one of the cities that put in a bid, with Zephyr Field as it's host site. Personally, I have a hard time believing the SEC has even the slightest interest in actually moving the tournament away from Hoover, or that any city will have a bid that includes the kind of RV and car parking needs and Media Press Box capacity needed to serve the tens of thousands of people who attend the event every year.

After years of failing to get any serious carriage deals, the lack of income from a conference network is starting to widen a gap between the Pac 12 and the rest of the Power 5.

The Houston Astros have hired Rachel Balkovec, the first woman to be hired as a pro baseball strength and conditioning coach. She's a former protege' of LSU's Tommy Moffitt.

You may remember the story of Southern DB Devon Gales, who was paralyzed in a game against Georgia early on in the 2015 season. I'm happy to share that Gales has finally regained enough motion that last week he finally was able to return home to Louisiana. The Georgia program have been amazingly supportive of the young man and his family during his recovery and sent him home with some amazing parting gifts.