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Spring Football Update: LSU updates roster

New numbers, new freshmen, new walk-ons.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

LSU will open spring practices on Monday, March 7 and released an updated roster over last weekend with some new numbers for some veterans:

  • Safety Rickey Jefferson from 29 to 9 (from John Diarse)
  • DB Ed Paris from 24 to 21
  • RB Darrel Williams from 34 to 28 (from Jalen Mills)
  • QB Danny Etling 1 to 16 (from Brad Kragthorpe)
  • Punter Josh Growden 31 to 38 (from Jamie Keehn)
  • Deep snapper Blake Ferguson 53 to 50 (from brother Reid)

Thoughts: TROLOLOLOLOL on Rickey taking his brother's number...Blake Ferguson, less so...are all Australians related? Wing to Keehn to Growden? The better question is whether or not Les Miles can find somebody else to give 38 to as well by the Fall.

New freshmen:

  • DB Saivion Smith: 8
  • WR Dee Anderson: 11
  • LB Michael Divinity: 45
  • WR Stephen Sullivan: 87
  • RB Devin White: 24

Thoughts: honestly, I love random wide receiver numbers and I hope that Dee Anderson becomes a superduperstar now...given how Debo Jones is flying up the draft rankings, Divinity in some good company at 45...interesting choice for Devin White, and versatile as well. Better recent history at linebacker with 24 than running back. Hmmm...

A couple of new walk-ons are listed as well, including Narenda Itwaru of Poughkeepsie, New York, keeping alive the A'Trey-U Jones tradition of walk-ons with awesome names.