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LSU Pro Day Roundup

How did LSU's departing players workout before NFL scouts and personnel evaluators?

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Final results from LSU's annual Pro Day:

LSU Pro Day Times 1

LSU Pro Day Times 2


  • The clear winner of the day was the turf in LSU's indoor practice facility, as every player who ran at the combine improved on their time, notably Deion Jones and Jalen Mills. Kind of surprised that Vadal Alexander and Jerald Hawkins didn't after running poor times in Indianapolis.

  • Speaking of Debo, he's been turning a few scouts' heads with a strong senior year and great speed for his position. Still, his limited size makes him likely a scheme fit. Very nice to the Saints to have dinner with him, but that check will be the only money he'll ever see out of that franchise.

  • I think Mills is the even money as the first Tiger off the board. His versatility was always a plus here, and he could likely fit at just about every secondary position at the next level, depending on the scheme. He's a little stiff for a corner, but his physicality and speed would help him in a zone defense that could protect him, like Seattle's Cover-3 style or the Tampa Two. And of course he can play either safety spot. Just spit-balling, but Bill Belichick LOVES versatile players like Mills.

  • File Lamar Louis under the winners of the day as well. He won't have much tape, but his workout numbers show that he should be able to at least hang in the NFL from an athletic standpoint. It's not a total shock that some teams brought up the idea of playing running back. Louis was a dynamite runner in high school, but the offensive backfield has been pretty crowded the last couple of years. Maybe with some work he could settle in as a fullback somewhere?

  • Did Hawkins and Jones wear lifts at the combine?