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Update: Austin Deculus is a Tiger!

Big man has made it official! Four star OT will make his decision today.

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UPDATE: 9:30 p.m. #GOTHEEM

Deculus is in!


Winning battles up front has become a hallmark of the Les Miles era. Whatever gnashing of teeth remains for his choice of tactics, Miles takes pride in fielding teams that mash the defensive front with a bevy of mauling blockers and "capable runners." Last year's LSU team trended to more conservative offensive styles, but produced a near 2,000 yard rusher and ran the ball at will on most mortal opponents. Establishing a running game in this vein requires acquiring and developing mauling run blockers.

Thus today we await the decision of Austin Deculus, a 6'6", 323 lbs. stud offensive tackle from Houston. Deculus has long been a target of the LSU coaching staff, receiving his offer in May of last year. Deculus has a nice list of offers, but his top three are blue bloods that love to run the football: Michigan, Alabama and LSU.

If you are wondering what type of player Deculus is, I'll let him explain himself:

"I love aggression. That's my thing. I love run blocking. That's my thing. Pass blocking is good and it's necessary at times, but run blocking is my favorite."

If you could ever read a hand wank motion, it's in Austin Deculus talking about pass blocking. And it is amazing. This guy wants to fucking mash people into the ground into a meal that he will then eat and later shit out. Anyways, here's his tape:

Deculus is a big, big boy. 6'6", 325 already, so he's college ready. Odds are he's an early contributor wherever he goes. This guy is ready to go as a run blocker, but will undoubtedly need work on the same type of technique issues that plague most big, dominating high school athletes: playing with leverage and up against competition you can't easily push around. He seems like a good candidate to start at guard and eventually kick out to either tackle position. But who knows, he could be the Ethan Pocic of the future.

The good news here is all signs point to Deculus picking LSU today. Any other choice would be a shocker. He's currently at 100% crystal ball to LSU. This could be yet another big East Texas score for Bradley Peveto.