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Fashion of the Sideline Stars: Les Miles

Fashion of the Network Stars takes a look at the fashions of Les Miles

Les Miles: Future Fashionista
Les Miles: Future Fashionista
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

And the Valley Shook has teamed up with the wonderful folks at Fashion of the Network Stars to present this series called "Fashion of the Sideline Stars". ATVS asked the FNS writers their thoughts on LSU head coach, Les Miles.

We'll start with the hat. Les has worn the same hat every game for the past six centuries (or so it feels) and while it's not a bad looking hat, we'd really like to see Les hit us with an off speed pitch every once in a while and change it up. It might be too much of a hassle to wear a new headdress every game but switching up your style every once in a while tells your supporters and fans that we don't settle for complacency at LSU. We'd like Les to go big once in a while. Wear a fedora, wear a visor (receding hairline be damned) or even wear that dumb 360 degree brimmed hat that Nick Saban wears at practice. LSU wears the same jerseys in 90% of their games, as their white top - yellow bottom look is timeless, clean and classic so because the players will always be wearing the same thing, we believe Miles should switch it up every now and then.

Furthermore, we wondered whether wearing a hat at all is a good sideline fashion look so we asked an anonymous coach (we swear it's not ATVS writer Seth Galina) who had this to say, "I used to only wear sunglasses on the sideline because I wanted to be cool and I thought a nice pair of shades would like fly. The practicality level was really never very high and I've thus switched to wearing hats. Sunglasses gave the top of my head sunburns and the glasses would always fall off when I would be hooting and hollering at someone. A team issued hat isn't the most stylish but it's practical."

The clapping. We get the feeling that Les has never seen himself clap before because there is no way anyone would keep clapping like that if they knew what they were doing. The problem we're seeing is that he spreads his fingers out too much, jazz hand style. This causes his palms to push outward and hit each other when he presses them together. A good clap needs palms inward to create the best sound. Les needs to sit in front of a mirror during the offseason so he can work on his clap game and come correct in 2016.

Look, we're not going to get into the grass eating thing because it's been written about ad nauseum -- except we are because it's amazing and we love it. People don't understand how important a good accessory is to your ensemble. You can make any drab outfit look stylish and sophisticated with a well placed accessory. Although it might be a little gauche, Les' grass eating ways give him a certain "laissez-faire" attitude and really does accentuate his look. Team issued apparel is usually boring, this is why you don't see anyone out at the hottest night clubs wearing their team pullover. We have to find ways to bring new life into an old fashion routine and Les does this by adding a little green to LSU's purple and gold.

An equally important accessory is the headset that Les wears every game. It may seem commonplace, and it is, but when you see a head coach without it *cough* Brady Hoke *cough* you remember how important it is to looking great on the sideline.

Overall Rating: Halftime adjustments needed