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Aggies have a metldown on twitter; LSU may benefit


Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

So in case any of you happened to be sleeping under a rock, the S.S. Sumlin out in College Station took on a little more water overnight.

Long story short: five-star quarterback prospect Tate Martell, a longtime Texas A&M commit, announced that he would be re-opening his recruitment. Aggies wide receivers coach Aaron Morehead didn't take too kindly to the news, and decided to launch a series of vague tweets regarding accountability, loyalty -- the usual stuff that people bring up when a kid decommits. One four-star receiver commit then decided to join Martell in decommitting...

While multiple other prospects, including two out of the top three prospects in the Lone Star State tweeted laughter emojis, or took the opportunity to announce that they had removed the Aggies from consideration.

Yes, it was all exactly as hilarious as it sounds. AND, it's relevant to LSU's interests, as the aforementioned four-star receiver commit, Mannie Netherly of Crosby, Texas, is now widely expected to commit to the Tigers. Netherly visited campus unofficially on March 12, per his profile.

A&M was already behind a bit of an 8-ball on the recruiting trail, since there are some questions as to whether he'll even be in College Station beyond the 2016 season. That staff is too good at recruiting for this to kill a class, but there's no question it's a big PR hit. To the point that you have to wonder if Moorehead keeps his job.

Will be interesting to see if it helps out the Tigers in the next few weeks.