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Baton Rouge Regional Preview: Southeastern Louisiana

Or "How To Root Against A Team You Secretly Like"

SLU's Jameson Fisher
SLU's Jameson Fisher

Full disclosure: before LSU I went to Southeastern. Despite my transferring out, I loved it. Southeastern is a good school in a fun town with great fans. And I get the feeling that many people in the area have the same general feelings toward the Lions from Hammond, America. But they're in the Baton Rouge Regional so,

Southeastern is, let's call a spade a spade, a commuter school in Hammond just a skip down I-12. Established as Hammond Junior College in 1925 it achieved full university status in 1970. Today it has an enrollment of around 15,000 and during the 90's it was the fastest growing college in the nation, and it's still changing rapidly. The baseball team plays at Pat Kenelly Diamond at Alumni Field, an intimate 2,500 seater with lax rules about daiquiris. If you prefer the old Box to the new one because of how on top on the field it was, you'd love The Pat. There's not a bad seat at the stadium and it also benefits from a parking garage connected to Strawberry Stadium beyond right field if you really want to get turnt.

In his third year as head coach of the Lions, Matt Riser is proving to be a competent follow up to former skipper and current AD Jay Artigues, who built the program up from the Southland cellar from 2006-2013. In his three years as coach for Southeastern, Riser has 119 wins including 42 last year when the Lions got snubbed from the NCAA tournament. This year after jumping out to a blazing start Southeastern stumbled down the stretch, dropping their home finale against Blake Dean's UNO squad and getting swept against Central Arkansas. SLU rolled though the Southland tournament before falling in the championship to Sam Houston State, rounding them to 39-19 overall. And really, even though Southeastern was in the NCAA's last three in, they're an incredibly strong club for a three seed, sporting an RPI of 40.

Jameson Fisher .437 .716 .564 83 16 2 11 66 .58
Sam Roberson .303 .455 .435 30 12 0 1 17 1.53
Brennan Breaud .289 .341 .416 61 6 1 1 26 .87
Carson Crites .307 .503 .392 61 13 1 8 34 1.5
Drew Avans .295 .476 .406 31 6 2 3 18 1.5

Jameson Fisher. Up up down down left right left right B A.

If he doesn't end up with the Golden Spikes I think we can rightfully start ignoring the award now. Seriously, that line is absurd. Oh, and his K/BB doesn't include his 16 hit by pitches to his 50 walks. If it did then it would be a mind boggling .44. The dude is ridiculous and I'm not going to lie to you and say I don't expect him to show up and put on a laser show against LSU's pitching, because he absolutely will do that without blinking an eye.

But the good news is if LSU has an opportunity to pitch around Fisher, they can. Sam Roberson is a good at the plate, but you want to make guys like Braud and Crites beat you, especially if Lange is pitching in the potential matchup Saturday.

Kyle Cedotal 3.19 .237 3.24 93 81 33
Domenick Carlini 2.07 .214 1.74 91.1 69 21
Mac Sceroler 2.18 .221 2.86 90.2 74 22
Pat Cashman 5.01 .262 3.4 50.1 53 28
Kade Granier .76 .194 2.38 35.1 24 3

Pitching is Southeastern's great equalizer. There's no one standout player like there is in the SLU lineup, but they have a plethora of strong arms. Cedotal is likely to get the start against Rice so in the possibility of a matchup against LSU Riser is to choose between senior Domenick Carlini or Denham Springs' native son Mac Sceroler. Kade Granier is the bullpen arm for the Lions, notching seven saves on the year while blowing away 31 batters in 35 innings. Granier has only allowed three runs on the year, so it would be preferable if LSU could avoid situations where he would come into play.

Hat Judgement

Southeastern gained national prominence for their solid gold uniforms, but SLU also has a trio of #good #hats.

I like white front paneled hats, but I don't care much for white paneled hats all the way around. The logo saves it though. Grade: C+.

Much better. I like how the white S contrasts the gold on the bill. Since they got away from their green hat with white front panels and a gold bill, this has become the strongest in their set. Grade: A-.

The road hat exchanges a gold bill for a solid gold S. This is the one we're likely to see in The Box. Grade: B+.