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2019 DB Derek Stingley Jr. Commits!

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Baton Rouge DB makes his pledge.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

LSU defensive backs coach Corey Raymond has had no issues scouring the country and pulling top-rated DB talent year in and year out. He's dipped his toe in Florida many a year, nabbing top prospects like Kevin Toliver II and Saivion Smith away from instate powers FSU and Florida. Yet, he's not doing so at the cost of Louisiana, which consistently produces 3-5 Power 5 defensive backs in a given recruiting cycle. Last year's haul of Kristian Fulton, Greedy Williams and Cameron Lewis is further proof.

Raymond is already busy stocking the coiffures for the future, too. Today, 2019 prospect Derek Stingley Jr. gave his verbal pledge today, kicking off what should be a successful June camp. Though Stingley has three years remaining in HS he's already 6'0", 170 pounds. That means he roughly matches Kristian Fulton in size as a to-be Sophomore. Without watching a second of tape, I can tell you this kid must have some special skills. Why? Because RB and DB type athletes are a dime a dozen in the State of Louisiana and the staff is typically choosey when doling out offers to instate players at those positions. Those that get offered young are typically the caliber of a Leonard Fournette.

Now, could Stingley fall off the map? Sure! Lots can happen in three years. But this early of an offer to in-state, in city even, DB usually means he's got something special about him. Let's take a look:

The first thing that pops to me is that this kid has real athletic skills. I don't know his running times, but I'd guess they are upper tier and he is fluid. Very seamlessly, easy gliding athlete whether the ball is in his hands or in the air. But what makes him a Freshman getting a committable offer is that he's got legitimate football skills. He shows really nice anticipation when the ball is in the air and he covers like an upperclassman at this young age.

This is a really athletic, really skilled young guy. He also has the coolest haircut this side of the Mississippi:

Look, there's a long way to go here. A million things can happen, though I'd be surprised to see a Baton Rouge kid LSU wants and is on this early leave state without them letting up. Stingley could have peaked early, and on down the line. But the bottom line is this kid has all the earmarkings of a 5-star talent. He will be considered one of the top DBs in the 2019 signing class if I had to put money on it.

Tremendous get.