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Les Miles Gets On a Plane With No Destination, Ends Up Courtside For NBA Finals

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been quite the adventure for Les Miles the last few months. After successfully foiling a palace coup against his job, Miles used a break in the middle of spring practice to become one of the first Americans to visit Cuba. Today Les Miles was visiting his daughter, Texas swimmer Smacker Miles, and was told by his kids to pack an overnight bag and get on a plane. The rest of the story is just another typical, amazing anecdote in the career of Les Miles (video via @mshamburger1 of The Big Lead

That’s one helluva Father’s Day gift. It’s also great that Les Miles is always a coach and can break down Game 6 of the NBA Finals like it’s a UL Monroe game coming up later this week. (Miles predicts a Game 7 btw)