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And the Valley Drinks: Top Ten Beach Beers

Bury your feet in the sand, zone out to some music and drink these while you argue with your family about football.

What, is that just how beach trips go for me?

So anyways, your humble correspondent will be hitting the road tomorrow for Orange Beach for my first vacation as a father, along with my parents, si but bs and the whole family. Naturally, I’ll be trying to get my hands on whatever crafts available that I can’t find here. Mostly just to bring back and enjoy later, but we all know there are few better beach companions than a nice cold beer.

And here are their definitive rankings.

1. Miller Lite

Some people think I’m a beer snob -- NOT TRUE. Okay, it’s a little true. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good light beer. When it’s hot, and the day is long you need something that can drink all day. Miller Lite has been there since middle school. It’s a great tailgating beer, and a cooler full on the beach is always a welcomed site.

2. Abita Purple Haze

If you’re from Southeast Louisiana, chances are this was the first fruit beer you ever tried, and it remains on the short list due to combining that nice fruity flavor without being too sweet. And when you’re not really in the mood for all the sugar that goes with the typical mixed cocktails that others enjoy, Purple Haze goes down nice and smooth.

3. Yuengling Lager

The reputation has been a bit outsized due to its lack of local availability (although that’s changing soon), but Yuengling Lager is still a quality, affordable beer that’s a cut above the Buds and Millers, and perfectly acceptable for long-term consumption.

4. Corona Extra/Tecate

Sometimes it feels like a written law that there must be Mexican beer on the beach. But both Corona and Tecate are light and smooth, especially with a lime wedge.

5. Sweetwater Blue

And underrated, very light fruit beer that’s one of Sweetwater’s regulars. The blueberry flavor gives it that right edge that makes it remarkably easy to put away.

6. Abita Strawberry

It’s a little heavier than Purple Haze, and most associate it with spring and crawfish boils, but it’s becoming much easier to find beyond those months.

7. Abita Seersucker Summer Pils

Light, crisp and goes down really, really fast on a hot day.

8. NOLA 7Th Street Wheat

Little more body than what you might drink all day, but it’s still very sessionable. Light and malty with just enough depth of flavor to make things interesting.

9. Founders All Day IPA

Right there in the title. And the occasional IPA can be a nice change of pace, especially if you’re using the beer to chase something sweeter like a Bushwhacker or a daiquiri.

10. Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale

Nice and hoppy with a light texture that goes really well if you’re hanging on a balcony enjoying some fresh oysters or boiled shrimp.