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Mannie Netherly Commits!

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NCAA Football: Mississippi at Auburn Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

LSU’s 2017 signing class grew stronger tonight when Crosby, TX WR Mannie Netherly gave his verbal pledge:

Netherly’s pledge doesn’t come as a total surprise. He’s been heavily picked to LSU on the Crystal Ball, though recent picks were coming through for Texas A&M. Netherly marks yet another successful East Texas conquest for embattled LSU Special Teams coach Bradley Dale Peveto.

At 6’2”, 183, Netherly has a nice frame to grow into, but from tape he already looks bigger. He’s not thin, but there’s plenty of room to add muscle. Watching his tape reminds me terribly of Michael Clayton:

We represented Michael Clayton as one of the best WRs in school history earlier this offseason, so those are some mighty, if not impossible, shoes to fill, but simply the look of him screams Michael Clayton. Clayton was a well-rounded athlete that even dabbled at safety while at LSU. He never had prototype measurements or test scores, but he was a great athlete. Chad Jones is another that fits this bill. That’s what I see in Netherly. He’s 6’2”, 183, but he plays like he’s 6’4”, 215. He’s tough to bring down with the ball in his hands and while he may not have track speed, he’s a long strider so he swallows up chunks of field in a hurry. I so vividly remember Michael Clayton running those Jimbo Fisher slip screen specials that Netherly’s tape hearkens back to the beginning of the golden era.

But he’s not just a short catch/run after contact player either. I like the way Netherly attacks the football in the air. He’s got strong hands and he makes sure to get them out in front of him to secure the football. Clayton was bigger than Netherly, but Netherly has more quick-twitch athletic tools. He posted a 37” vertical and a very respectable 105.81 overall SPARQ score.

There’s a bevy of WR talent in Baton Rouge right now, including Drake Davis, who seems to be The Natural. Travin Dural and, most likely, Malachi Dupre are gone after this season, which could open the door for an incoming freshman like Netherly to contribute in 2017. Then again, Davis, Sullivan, Ferguson, Dillon, Johnson, and Chark might have something to say about that, along with top flight JUCO WR Stephen Guidry.

LSU’s class is now ranked 6th overall with tons of big names left on the board. Recruiting stays strong in this neck of the woods.