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Offseason Power Rankings: Offseason Rankings

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A ranking of offseason rankings.

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, June. The offseasoniest part of the offseason. Spring practice is all wrapped up, and the college football media becomes especially desperate or #content. News tends to fall into three categories: recruiting, realignment (or salary camps this year) or the depressing (Baylor).

We're a solid month out from conference media days, and rankings become a pretty solid way to fill the void. Post-spring rankings. Pre-preseason rankings, coaches, players, etc... they all have their role to play.

But which type of ranking is the best ranking? We rank the rankings and find out.

1. Teams

Post-spring top 25. Pre-preseason top 25. Your favorite team is severely underrated, your rival is overrated, and yes it IS because the writer hates you.

2. Position Groups

How does your team stack up? Does your offensive or defensive line return a bunch of starters? Are the top three tacklers on your defense returning to the linebacking corps? Will your wide receivers strike fear in the defensive back meeting room? So many positions. So many players. So much #content.

3. Heisman Candidates

Are you a star skill-position player on a top-15ish team? Congratulations!

4. Dark Horse Title Contenders

It's a sneaky ranking that's a lot better than you think.

5. Stadiums

Some have gigantic capacities. Others are loud. But a surprising few can pull off both at the same time.

6. Uniforms

Did Adidas design yours? Then they're probably really not that bad. Plus, the recruits love ‘em!

7. Impact Freshmen

Hey, look! Somebody looked up the 247 rankings!

8. Coaches

If I could be serious for a moment, I hate coach rankings. Outside of say, Nick Saban and Urban Meyer, putting the rest into some arbitrary list basically ignores the dozens of factors that make certain coaches more successful at some jobs than others. The job Bill Snyder has done at Kansas State is amazing, but you don't build a successful program at a power program like Ohio State, USC, Texas, etc... with diamond-in-the-rough recruits and JUCO spare parts. Could Snyder adjust to that environment in a vacuum? Its comparing apples to orangutans.

But man, does it get you those page views.