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Where Were We When Warren Morris Hit That Home Run?

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With the SEC Storied documentary on The Walk Off premiering tonight, ATVS staff discuss our personal memories of Warren Morris’ home run.

College World Series

Twenty years later, Warren Morris’ game-winning home run to clinch the 1996 College World Series for LSU stands as the greatest moment in the history of the sport, and tonight, at 8 p.m. CST, the story will be told through ESPN Film’s “The Walk Off,” as part of the SEC Network’s SEC Storied series.

The Advocate’s Ross Dellenger had a great feature from this past weekend on “where were you” featuring the likes of Herb Vincent, Andy Cannizaro and a ton of other local personalities.

Never say we don’t know a good idea when we see one — here are a few memories from the ATVS staff. Or those of us that are old enough to remember 1996.

For me, it’s still clear. I was 14 years old, and in my final year of little league ball. We were playing in a tournament at Longview baseball field in Grand Point, Louisiana. It was a hot, sunny day and we had an afternoon game. I’d arrived early with some teammates, and we mostly were just hanging out in the bleachers waiting on the other games to end. Longview had a big concession stand under a really big corrugated metal pavilion, and they had set up a small TV with some rabbit ears (look it up young’ns) to catch the game. Of course people were jammed in super tight under there, so we were content to just sit somewhere else and take turns running into the crowd for score updates.

Naturally, the crowd exploded on every hit, but we knew the Tigers were trailing and time was running out as it was time to start warming up for our matchup with Reserve, who was the best team in our league that year. Mr. Joel, our head coach, was one of the most rabid LSU fans I knew, and he didn’t even bother with a uniform for that game, just his LSU tshirt, shorts and hat, and he had headphones and a walkman tuned to the radio. We had just started warming up and the crowd under that pavilion let out a huge shout. Before we could even stop and ask Mr. Joel threw off his headphones and shouted “HOME RUN! THEY DID! NATIONAL CHAMPS!”

But what was the funniest thing about that day was that my team’s colors that season were Miami green and orange. We lost that game, of course.


I was watching the game in the living room with my dad and brother. It didn't really register with me at the time how significant a moment it was. I was happy my team won, but wasn't really shocked because they we're always winning. Being nine years old, I didn't feel the drama. My dad exploded out of his chair though. He doesn't really like baseball, but watched the game because my brother and I wanted to. That's still the most excited I've ever seen him about a moment in baseball. The main thing from the game that stuck out to me was Alex Cora crying on the infield. I was happy LSU won, but felt bad for him because I played short stop in little league.


I was 9. My family and relatives on my mother's side always used to take a summer trip to Destin, Florida, and were actually driving down there that day. Made sure we had plenty of enough time to catch it at a sports bar at one of the hotels in Destin. I don't remember much of the game seeing as I was only 9, but that moment has stayed and likely would with any LSU fan reasonably old enough to remember.


I was with dad visiting Danny LaFleur. We were outside standing around Danny's truck and listening to the game on the radio. We went in the house just in time to see the home run on TV. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Sean McDonough's call on CBS and Alex Cora's reaction were priceless.


As I was two years old, I don't recall much. My Grandpa tells a great story about his TV going out and cutting back on right as Morris came up to bat, but I'm not sure if I believe him.


Not alive.


As a four year old, I did not see or listen to a broadcast of the home run. I did have a relative who was at the game, so I guess I experienced the moment by proxy.


I work with children. When did I get so old?

I was an LSU student at the time, but the College World Series takes place when school is out of session. My parents lived in England, so in order to delay my trip to go see them and watch the CWS, I hit upon a stupid idea: dental surgery. I hadn't yet had my wisdom teeth pulled, but one of them was coming in a bit funky, but the dentist said pulling them was option. Not wanting to risk the adventures with British dentistry and also wanting to see the CWS, I opted in.

I spent most of the Series hanging out on a buddy's couch in Maryland, eating soup. By the title game, I was feeling a hundred percent, and I watched the game alone in his living room. When Morris hit the home run, I started screaming, jumped off the couch, and ran out into the street for some reason. It is quite possible I was the only person within ten blocks who was watching the game, but I didn't care. It was perfect, and worth getting elective dental surgery over. So if you ever think you're a big LSU fan, ask yourself whether you'd opt in for elective surgery in order to watch an LSU baseball game.

Postscript: the British dentist turned out to be the best dentist I ever had in my life.