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GAMETHREAD: Baton Rouge Regional Day 5

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2:00 PM EDT South Carolina vs. North Carolina-Wilmington (Site 11 / Game 7) ESPNU

2:00 PM EDT Coastal Carolina vs. North Carolina State (Site 3 / Game 7) ESPN3

5:00 PM EDT LSU vs. Rice (Site 4 / Game 7) ESPNU

So here we are, 5 days and 6 games later LSU and Rice are set for a FIGHT TO THE DEATH for the Regional Championship. But that is not the only action today. South Carolina is in their own battle with Tarp Crew favorite UNC-Wilmington early this afternoon on ESPNU. Also at 1pm BR time on ESPN3, our paired bracket will resume it's final game and potentially be decided in just one pitch. NC St. and Coastal was suspended last night in the Top of the 9th, with Coastal batting, down 3-5. Coastal has the bases loaded with 1 out when play resumes.

No pitchers have been announced for LSU-Rice, with Coach Mainieri saying that even the possibility of using Poche again is not off the table.