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Reports: Ex-Tiger Trey Lealaimatafao Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison

Former Tiger’s story takes a sad turn.

Student Sports Flickr

A sad turn of events on Monday afternoon as multiple media sources reported that former LSU defensive tackle Trey Lealaimatafao received a six-year prison sentence for a plea of no contest to a carjacking charge as well as two counts of second-degree robbery in Los Angeles.

Lealaimatafao was charged along with former USC football player Bryce Dixon and a Montrelle McDuffie also entered similar pleas and received identical sentences. He was a big part of LSU’s loaded 2014 recruiting class, but found trouble pretty quickly, suffering a serious injury to his arm after reportedly punching a plate glass window in the LSU weight room, supposedly following a dispute with a teammate. He would later be arrested for stealing a bicycle outside of Middleton Library on campus.

Trey L., as he was known, was kicked off the LSU football team last summer following an arrest for stealing and punching a woman outside a Tigerland bar.

He transferred to a junior college on the West Coast, but was arrested in January in connection with a string of robberies, along with Dixon and McDuffie. It’s a sad ending for a player that had some potential, and could have at least bettered his life with a free education.

Maybe prison will give him that clarity.