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SEC Media Days 2016: Day 3 Recap

Where Saban and Finebaum try to steal BERT’s shine...

NCAA Football: SEC Media Day Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Day 3 at the Ho-down in Hoover was Alabama day, so naturally, it’s your most visually appealing...

Of course, then it was also Bret Bielema day. Ol’ BERT has eyes on Steve Spurrier’s spot as the event’s grand poo-ba, and he was in his usual form:

Kirby, yeah, he actually called me a couple days before. First, he wanted to talk to my offensive coordinator and try to take Dan Enos, and I said, I appreciate it, but there's a thing called the SEC clause. You can't have it him. Kind of stuck my tongue out, wiggled my nose and felt good about it.

He also had some thoughts on “other program’s” issues...

You don't have to worry whether or not I'm gonna suspend anybody for the first game. It doesn't come up in our program. Not to say it won't. At some time it may rear its ugly head.

Meanwhile, Arkansas’ coach and their players made it very clear that the ugly-ass boot is still very important to them. I guess we’ll find out this season if LSU has gotten that message.

In other news, Nick Saban did his usual mind-meld on the main media room and avoided any questions on the Cam Robinson/Hootie Jones situation, which Paul Finebaum, of all people, was having none of. The king of all southern media went in on Saban at the SEC Network desk:

And then, amazingly, Saban continued the diatribe once the broadcast went to break...

And then even further a few minutes later...

Now let’s make one thing clear — that ain’t Saban losing it. If his head ain’t bobbin’ back and forth like a minnow on a hook, he ain’t that mad. But he did stick his foot in his mouth by, reportedly, accusing the City of Monroe Police Department of picking up his players only because of their Alabama affiliation. Because drug and stolen handgun possession are just trivial crimes after all.

Now yes, there is a certain reporter that shall not be named, nor his content linked, who made a phone call in to the Monroe PD to discuss the matter. If you want to look that up on your own, more power to you. EDIT: Here’s a staff report from The Advocate.

All this is likely to set up Robinson and Jones missing no time, which was a pretty obvious outcome once the charges were dropped. Alabama will wax USC with or without them.