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What I Did On My Summer Vacation: A Rough Draft Essay by Les Miles

Les Miles’ filibuster at SEC Media Days was finely crafted. ATVS has acquired the first draft of it.

this isn’t photoshopped

Had the golden opportunity to spend time with my loving family over this summer break. Spent some time in Austin, Texas between watching the National Basketball Association Finals between LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers and Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warrior and observing some damn fine fastpitch softball played by my youngest daughter. Along the way I had to teach my daughter the values of closed toed shoes. A closed toe shoe is like a fine guard dog, you don’t need to worry about escaped sheep. But an open toed shoe is like a dog’s first day on the job, you need to keep a watchful eye over your canine companion and look to see if it’s doing the job the right way, because you’re privy to lose a few sheep. That’s how I broke a few digits. Think of what the closed toe shoe has given you, both comfort wise and from a protection viewpoint. So I gave her that advice while sitting on a can. LeBron James was able to bring a title back to my home state of Ohio, so that brought a great personal joy to me. I have noticed a lot of my athletes look up to Mr. James and it brought a lot of meaning to me with the opportunity to watch him play and incorporate lessons on winning for the team. There was also a great pickle between lakes and an airport within the Miles family. I’m strongly a lake man, lakes are without a doubt the strongest body of water in my book. I strongly respect the great power a river wields, I have the opportunity to witness one of the more quality rivers in this marble on a daily basis and I recognize the idyllic qualities of a fine beach, but to me nothing can take the bark off of the tranquility a peacefully serene lake provides.

I also had the opportunity to travel to Cuba earlier, because it is a Communist nation. A long time ago a young Les walked across the stage of the University of Michigan with an economic degree, so it peaked my interests to see an economy that while mostly state-run, held a public employment rate of 73% to a hearthy 23% private sector employment. Keep in mind most of that employment in the nation is self-provided however. It is a country with a certain beauty. Not a naturally inherent beauty, but a sustainable beauty if you will. While the white sanded beaches brought a great enjoyment to the Miles family, it was important to take in the other side of the two tiered economy and to see the disparity between the Cuba that is sold to you and the Cuba that exists at the core. I was also lucky enough to take in a baseball game while there, a great source of national pride for the Cuban people. The Cuban government was unrelenting on what we would be allowed to bring back to the lower 48, however the concept of a Cuban sandwich made it’s way past any and all security checkpoints.

My loving wife Kathy wanted to take a trip off the grid to a farm in an utmost discreet location. There we bonded over the crisp morning air and I was fortunate enough to help in the foaling of a fine equestrian and man, what an experience that is to take part of. What struck me is how a colt is able to run alongside his mother mere minutes after the fact.

Which reminded me of my football team...