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Pick the Podcast Ain't Played Nobody Topic

Sabotage Bill C and Godfrey's show!

Hey, maybe they could talk about hats
Hey, maybe they could talk about hats
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

A few months ago, Friend of the Blog Bill Connelly set up a kickstarter for his book on The 50 Best* College Football Teams of All-Time. He raised over $25,000, and I know several members of the ATVS community, including yours truly, kicked in some cash for this project.

Well, now Bill C. is starting to pay off his debts. Another Friend of the Blog, Michael Underwood, donated enough to the campaign that he gets to determine a topic for the PAPN podcast. Now, being the generally awesome guy that he is, Michael is letting the entire ATVS crew in on his reward.

From the man's lips.... er, keyboard:

Hey ATVS Fam! One of our members gets to pick topics for an entire PAPN episode! And we want your help to pick them. Remember this is a national show, so don't go 100% homer topics here. Please help provide some interesting questions for Bill C and Godfrey to speak on.  We will be picking from your questions in the comments below. (Other blog members are welcome to make suggestions, we will just ignore them)

Simple as that! Michael has the final call on which topics we forward to Bill, it is his prize after all, but you get to help select it. Dan/Paul and I are the entirety of the steering committee, and we will praise and/or mock your suggestions to help out.

And don't listen to Michael... totally go homer here!

So, get thee to the comments and pick out a topic!