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And the Valley Drinks: Abita’s Blueberry Wheat

Their newest seasonal offering for the summer.

We’ve talked a lot about Abita rolling out new brews to try and keep up with the demands of the whole craft beer craze, and that may get boring at times but well...they keep doing it. One of the newest is a Blueberry Wheat beer that they’ve trotted out for the summer. If only I’d tried it in time for the beach rankings two weeks back...

This crisp wheat beer has the aroma and flavor of fresh Louisiana blueberries. It’s brewed with pilsner and wheat malts and hopped with German Perle hops, then the juice from local blueberries is added to complement the toasty malt flavor. All our Harvest Series brews are made with the finest Louisiana-grown ingredients.

Pretty readily available anywhere that keeps Abita in stock in six packs, and also on tap wherever you get your fill of crafts.


Incredibly sweet bouquet — think Purple Haze with the volume turned up. But it fibs on the flavor a little bit. Very neutral open, similar to Haze, but the blueberry flavor is fairly pronounced, so that differentiates it. And the wheat backbone kind of cuts it a bit, so its never really sweet. Just light and drinkable. You can throw this in the Beach Beer Pantheon I think. If you want something that maybe breaks from the typical light beers, this gives you some flavor and a hint of sweetness, while still being a BEER, not a sweet, fruity type of drink. Very session-able. Give it a strong Four out of Five Stars.