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Link Gumbo 8/17/16 - Fournette Sprains Ankle; Chef Billy Needs Your Help

Former LSU DB Troy Twillie on an airboat is just the kinda thing I need to get me through the day.
Travis Spradling of The Advocate

I’ll start off with an important personal note. A few of you have asked over the last few days for a way to help my good friend and ATVS co-manager/head chef Billy Gomila, whose house was flooded, leaving him, his wife, and his young daughter homeless. A gofundme page has been setup to take donations for them. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.


Les Miles met with the media for a few minutes on Tuesday to give an update on the team. The big news is that Leonard Fournette sprained his ankle and is in a boot. Before you have a panic attack, it’s not a high ankle sprain and Miles talks about the injury with all the casual concern as if somebody stubbed a toe. Fournette will be “fine”, though he did not give a projection for his return to practice.

Otherwise, not much all to say. Caleb Roddy and Russell Gage missed some practice this week to help their families get to a shelter. Travonte Valentine is practicing fully while also taking classes in the Summer intersession period.

Miles also spent a little time to talk about how his team is handling everything and how their resolve reminds him a little bit of the Katrina season. He then brought up a sign that’s been hanging on the wall in the team room for a few years now.

Our friends in South Carolina are returning the kindness we showed them last season when they dealt with devastating floods of their own and are collecting relief supplies from their community to truck down here in the next few days.

In another pairing of kindness in the world of college football, the community at UGA continues to care for Southern’s Devon Gales like one of their own. After the Gales family home began to flood, UGA flew the Gales family back out to Atlanta to stay while their home was still inaccessible.

Leonard Fournette and Jamal Adams were named to the CBS pre-season All-Americans list, the first of many certainly to come over the next few weeks.

I could have sworn this was announced 6 weeks ago, but ESPN confirmed they’re sending College Gameday to a parking lot in Green Bay to cover the opener at Lambeau (even though the game is in one of the middle of the day time slots)

SB Nation’s Guru of Preview, Bill Connelly, has finally made his way through previewing the entirety of D1 to the teams of the SEC and today he hits LSU. His verdict is like everyone else’s: LSU has the tools to go all the way, but they gotta beat Bama.

Sports can, even if just for a moment, bring brief relief to those who are suffering. So let me tell you YA BOY ALEX BREGMAN HIT HIS FIRST MAJOR LEAGUE HOME RUN LAST NIGHT

God Bless SVP, and God Bless the Human Jukebox

Here’s more of the latest happenings, and you know I’m going to start off with Troy Twillie in an airboat