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Link Gumbo - 8/25/16

Your latest LSU news and notes

NCAA Football: SEC Media Day Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

You know football season is not far away when Wednesday’s with Les are back. Here’s some updates from Miles on the kicking situation, Leonard Fournette and Michael Divinity -

We’ve seen a lot of this in the wake of the devastating floods that hit Louisiana two weeks or so ago, but the latest sees Alabama sending truckloads of food and other supplies they collected as donations to help families in need. Great to see -

We know for sure who the top two wide receivers are on the depth chart for LSU, but what about #3? DJ Chark and Jazz Ferguson seem to be the two leading candidates at the moment -

More on organized relief for flood donations. Former LSU starting pitcher and current Baltimore Oriole Kevin Gausman has set up a GoFundMe to raise funds to help families out -

Switching gears to baseball now, the roster and schedule for the 2017 season have been released, which with some interesting tidbits in there. And the return of the Poseur and Jake special with Maryland -

Some updates on injuries to major offensive players (all of it seems to be good), and quotes from Les on transfers -

Cool piece and profile on Les Miles from Tony Barnhart -

Anthony Jennings is getting another crack at starting in college football, this time with Louisiana-Lafeyette. Best of luck to AJ, who with the unfortunate arrest excepted, represented LSU very well despite his struggles on the field -

Stats from the final scrimmage before the season, however accurate they may be -

Now former LSU offensive lineman George Brown has found his new home and it is Miami -