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The 2016 ATVS - Geaux Show Pick’em Challenge


LSU v Syracuse
Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Back from it’s 6 month world tour of England, Jamaica, and the Sub-Continent, please welcome, the star attraction of this and every football season, THE 10TH/11TH ANNUAL ATVS - GEAUX SHOW COLLEGE PICK’EM CHAMPIONSHIP!

The rules are simple. Each we I, GLORIOUS LEADER PODKATT, will select 10 or so games of relative fame, importance, challenge or local interest (and sometimes a random ULM game because life is nothing without random challenge) You, the intrepid reader, will select the winner of each contest against the described point spread. Each week the best picker will win the most coveted prize on these here internets: THE ATVS KOOZIE OF POWAH! This rare, high-quality, hand-crafted trinket is not available in any store and is a true sign that you, the reader of this blog, are a man or woman of discerning internet sports takes. At the end of the year, the player with the overall most points will win the GRAND PRIZE. After a few years of doing the ugly sweaters, I’m switching it up. BEHOLD.

Sign up is simple. Click on THIS LINK and sign up for an account at when prompted, the password is “tigers”. Picks will generally be ready every Monday night. DO NOT MAKE PICKS until this post goes up each week.

Now it’s time for PODKATT’S PICKS

(note: I am bad at pick’em) HOUSTON starts their road to the playoffs with a win over Big Game Bob. MIZZOU keeps it close in the land of Red Corn Shine. A&M will wait a few more weeks before embarrassing themselves. GEORGIA wins a game no one will watch. UL MONROE...might not actually beat that spread? I’m very unsure of that pick. SOUTHERN MISS gets a great over a basketball school. BAMA, there is not point spread high enough. CLEMSON whups Clemson without a lake. ARIZONA starts BYU down a long rebuild road. TEXAS silences the echoes before they awake. FLORIDA STATE over them Reb-bears, but it could go the other way.

Picks are due before the kickoff of each game. No Thursday games this week to give folks time to sign up, but there will be Thursday games in the future.