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Associated Press Ranks LSU 11th in All-Time Rankings

Alabama V LSU

The AP has come out with its own ranking of the top 100 all-time college football programs based on a metric they’ve compiled based mostly on weekly AP rankings, with LSU checking in at No. 11, and third in the SEC behind fourth-ranked Alabama (bet that went over well) and the 10th-ranked Florida Gators.

11 LSU (655 Points)

Total appearances: 575, 52.13% of all polls

First appearance: 1936

No.1 ranking: 30

Championships: Two (last 2007)

Best full decade: 2000s appeared in 82.53% of polls.

Worst full decade: 1950s appeared in 25.86% of polls.

Poll point: After being unranked for most of the 1950s, the Tigers held the No. 1 ranking 14 times in 1958 and '59 _ then went 48 years before being ranked No. 1 again (2007).

**Note: this is counting AP national titles only**

Shocker, but the 21st Century has been pretty good to the Tigers, and likely helped shoot us past Georgia (remarkably consistent since 1975) and Tennessee, who is the second-winningest program in SEC history.

Ohio State as the top program makes sense when you consider that the Buckeyes have had all of FOUR sub-.500 seasons since 1950 — and that’s counting Luke Fickell going 6-7 as an interim coach after Jim Tressell was fired.

I’m sure some will argue with the rankings or methodology, but I can honestly say that this is about where I’d put LSU in the football pecking order with the likes of OSU, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, USC, Bama, etc... But it’s a nice reminder that the “LSU wasn’t anything until Saban got there” crowd is full of it as well.