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Jake and I settle a few more questions about our neighbors to the Great White North.

Whatever, all those people look alike.
Do you have any advice on dealing with Mounties for our fans that are up in the Great White North for the first time?

I think you're confusing Wisconsin with those rascally neighbors to the north in Minnesota. The state of Wisconsin actually doesn't actually have border with Canada, unlike those Gopher-loving fellas to the west, don' cha know...err, I mean, you should know. Crap.

For mounties, ehhh, they seem like nice people. Send 'em a 12-pack of Molson and tell them hockey's the greatest sport known to human history, Bret Hart's the greatest wrestling champion or something like that. For 1990s WWF jobber The Mountie, however, you'll have to travel back in time and send the Big Boss Man after him. Worked for us.

What is the significance of that whole maple leaf thing on the flag?

Apparently it's supposed to represent the nation or be its symbol, but I only knew the Canadian Maple Leaf as Lance Storm's finishing move in World Championship Wrestling, to be honest.

Got a point of reference for us on what Badger might taste like? Do you recommend any particular way of cooking it?

A Badger itself is tough to catch during hunting season due to its powerful running ability. I heard it's pretty gritty initially but the taste develops a refined flavor over time. Often underrated but very appreciated each generation moving forward. Tastes best with a nice rosé win(e) every few years. New flavor combinations may include a nice complement with salty tiger tears, but I'm no Guy Fieri or Bobby Flay.

Let's get down to the real competition here -- drinking. What's your best drunk Wisconsin fan story?

Wisconsin (state-wide) or Wisconsin (Badgers fans) story? For the former, there was a Kenny Chesney concert at Lambeau Field last summer. The Green Bay Press Gazette's Doug Schneider live tweeted the police scanner and all the arrests/ejections from that event. I was embarrassed to see/hear the actions of those in attendance. I pretty much wasted that Saturday night in front of a computer seeing what came next.

For the latter, man, I've been so far removed from tailgating with covering the team or just college in general I haven't heard a crazy one in years. Even back to my college days at UW, I didn't drink that much. I mean, there were those random times where people try walking into your apartment. I know there's bound to be many more stories, but many of my experiences with Wisconsin fans have been mostly pleasant and good spirited. Walking down Regent Street or Breeze Terrace for each game day, it's probably the most united the state's been in years (besides Packers games).