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Link Gumbo: 8/4/2016 - LSU Football Reports!

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The first practices are yet to start, but the Tigers officially reported for fall training camp yesterday, as LSU welcomed some 104 players officially on hand, with at least one, possibly two holdouts.

As previously reported, class of 2017 defensive tackle Ed Alexander is through the NCAA Clearinghouse and good to go to start practices today. Outside linebacker Andre Anthony however, is going to have to wait to enroll in school and will take an academic redshirt. Due to his original high school, Miller-McCoy Charter in New Orleans shutting down, the NCAA rejected some of his transcript credits, as well as LSU’s appeal. It’s a similar situation to Chidi Valentine-Okeke a year ago — Anthony will still be on scholarship, but won’t be eligible to actually play in games until 2017.

Meanwhile, mysterious defensive tackle Travonte Valentine, per The Advocate, is awaiting the final word from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Per the article — an corroborated by a source, Valentine has been told that he has the grades to transfer in, but they will not be posted until Friday, meaning that he’s not likely to start practice until the weekend, or maybe early next week.

Valentine, as you may remember, was a five-star prospect in 2014 who qualified late but was flagged by the league office and prevented from playing that season. He would have been cleared to play last season, but struggled with grades and team rules and was ultimately kicked off the team that summer. Two junior colleges and a disorderly conduct arrest later, he was able to get on the path to return, and that appears eminent. We’ll stay on top of that story as it develops.

As for his post-check-in presser, Miles addressed Anthony’s status, as well as the injury situation, namely Maea Teuhema’s sprained ankle and Will Clapp’s recovery from hip surgery. He also took a moment to express some pride in Tyrann Mathieu’s recent contract fortune. Tiger Bait has a full video of the press conference (sorry, no embed)

In other news, LSU has announced a home and AWFUL NFL STADIUM series with Rice for 2020. Apparently Rice is ponying up $3.5 million dollars for LSU to play not at Rice, but at the Texans stadium.

Cole Freeman finished up his time in the Cape Cod League as the batting champion, hitting .374 over the summer.

I don’t know Jacques, he looks like he’s in a good mood to me?