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Sunday News Roundup: LSU Closes Practice

Checking in on the first few days of practice.

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In news that should surprise nobody that’s really paid attention to LSU fall practices over the years, Les Miles sent out the word that the Ponderosa is officially closed to media for the remainder of camp.

Ross Dellenger had the word in this practice report, which also noted that Will Clapp was absent with injury, as was Tashawn Bower, who has been out for a few days now.

I would have set the over/under on practice closing for Monday, the first day of full pads, just for the sake of Big Cat Drill video. I’m sure LSU will put some out on their own. Talking to a source, there was no singular reason for the early closure like an injury or anything, but as those of you on Twitter might have noted from Friday, there was some aggravation from the staff regarding media filming a particular drill. Par for the course, really.

Dellenger had this afternoon practice report from Saturday as well. There’s not a whole lot to report aside from some different comings and goings in terms of which veterans and freshmen are working at which practices — Drake Davis, Rashard Lawrence, Michael Divinity, Devin White, Sci Martin, Tyron Johnson, Derrick Dillon, Xavier Lewis and Adrian Magee have all bounced back and forth at times. They move guys around mostly for numbers reasons — so guys can get enough reps, etc... — but also to show some young guys how the vets work, or to have a specific player working with the younger guys as well. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

Of course, the media shut-out also means that Travonte Valentine will remain elusive, even if we do get some word of him reporting. Maybe we can give him his own entrance music for the first game or something.

Anyways, here are a couple of features coming out of the various player availabilities:

Here’s a few tweets from the #beatbros at practices Friday and Saturday: