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3rd Annual Paul Crewe SEC Survivor Week 2


I’m late, I’m late. Results to be posted later, for now, just the games.

Kentucky @ Florida - A clash of two SEC East Titans trash. Good gracious that division is dog shit.

Western Kentucky @ #1 Alabama - WKU is better than people realize, but Bama is a machine operating on a different playing field than anybody right now.

Middle Tennessee @ Vanderbilt - Well, here’s your week... I think?

South Carolina @ Mississippi State - South Carolina “won” last week. Mississippi State lost to an FCS team. Not a banner week for the conference.

Arkansas @ #15 TCU - TCU looked like trash last week and features an awful defense and washed up former SEC QB. Arkansas looked like trash last week and features and awful defense and brother of a former SEC QB. Pick ‘em if you ask me.

Arkansas State @ Auburn - No, YOU pick Auburn.

Eastern Michigan @ Missouri - Eastern Michigan is the worst FBS team in the nation.

Virginia Tech vs. #17 Tennessee - I most interested in this game for the spectacle. It should be utterly painful to watch otherwise.