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LSU Unveils “Gridiron Gold” Unis for Gold Game vs Mississippi St

via LSUSports

GREAT HERB TYLER’S GHOST. Out of nowhere, LSU unveiled some brand new special uniforms for this weekend’s Gold Game vs Mississippi St. After last year’s white-on-white-on-white “Stormtrooper” combo, I though LSU Football uniform design had peaked, but this is just fantastic.

Let’s start with what’s awesome

  • Y. A. Tittle Font
  • Hidden Sailor Mike
  • White Lids

I’m only slightly reserved about the color because depending on how it’s lit, it seems to hover between LSU’s modern “canary yellow” gold and a darker, traditional “brown mustard” gold. We’ll have to wait to see them in person this weekend under the lights for final judgement, but these seem fantastic.

The uniform combination of white/gold/white is possibly a first for LSU in the modern era, and The Gold Jersey, the legendary magic bringer of LSU Baseball and Basketball, hasn’t been seen on the gridiron since a string of games in the mid 90’s

Herb Tyler