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Lunch with Les, Week 3 - Miss. St.

NCAA Football: Jacksonville State at Louisiana State Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

After some compliments for Jacksonville St, starts right in on the QB situation...” We're not turning our back in any way on competition in that position. I will not name a starter until I talk to my team, so I won't talk to my team until today after this meeting, and whether I name a starter.” (should be noted here that LSU released no depth chart this week and when asked in interviews later Monday night, players said Miles did not meet with them yet to discuss the situation)...also gave a nod to Justin McMillan’s brief play...says LSU needs to come out fast in games and that the Tigers have yet to score in the 1st Qtr this year...really likes how the backs filled in for Fournette...liked the defense’s big plays, but was very concerned about the multiple coverage breakdowns...Coming off of suspension, Josh Boutte will be added back into the mix at OL, but Miles was impressed with Maea T’s play, said the starting OL is now 6 or 7 guys....Lots of compliments from Miles about how well Etling has spent all year, and week-to-week, preparing for his moment to take the field...hopes that Harris being able to take a step back might help him settle and regain his composure...Fournette’s health will be closely monitored, and there is no worries about using Guice to spell him when needed. Fournette should be in all practices this week...on the Adams coverage bust for the big TD early in the 2nd half “his vision keys were just terrible, and so we're going to fix that.”...on the INT “when you put a ball up in the air and it's a 50/50 ball, a ball that you or the opponent could get, then one thing you have to do is play defense. If that ball is not coming to you, you are stripping, and that ball is coming out. That was something that we would have planned on doing.”...said his own demeanor during halftime and postgame interviews was due to some penalties and turnovers that were “stuck in my craw”...Said Dupre is not the first talented WR he’s had that has had a period of issues, and that it can be fixed if he focuses on fundamentals...on the Tre White return “I was just madder than hell initially. I said, what are you doing? What are you doing? Go, go. And then he knew where the corner was. That's the key.”

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