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Report: LSU, Texas A&M to Cease Thanksgiving Hostilities

One long nightmare is over.

LSU v Texas A&M Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Thank you sweet chubby Football Jesus, it appears that the LSU-Texas A&M Thanksgiving “rivalry” will be dying in short order.

From the Houston Chronicle, via The Advocate:

Ole Miss and Mississippi State, both of whom actually like playing football on that night and have some history of it, have agreed to take over the spot for ESPN.

And may the congregation say AMEN. The Thanksgiving Night game was an Aggie tradition that they, and the SEC, was intent on trying to shoehorn LSU into, and it was never going to truly work for us. Speaking for myself, my family as never going to allow for a Thanksgiving road trip like that, and Kyle Field would certainly be a venue I’d love to see one day.

UPDATE: The SEC released the entire 2017 schedule tonight, and here’s LSU’s slate:

So after four straight home games versus Syracuse, Troy, Auburn and Florida, the Tigers will close with three of the final five on the road: at Ole Miss, Alabama and Tennessee with home games against Arkansas and Texas A&M (on a Saturday). Five of the first seven games will be at home, plus a game in Houston against BYU.

That’s a pretty tough road schedule, but what else is new in the SEC?