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Playin’ ... “Nice” - Mississippi State

Dan Mullen just applied for this job.

**Ed. Note: Thanks to Justin Sutton from For Whom the Cowbell Tolls, for helping out.**

1. So I have a friend in a staffing company, and Ol' Danny seemed pretty desperate to get out of Starkville after last season. Should I maybe see if I can link them up?

Nah, it's much more exciting to see where the rumor mill has him going at the end of the season. I'd much rather see Dan wait waaaaay to long to leave and see his AD totally not support him down the stretch of a rough season. After that, maybe the crowd can go wild for him after the final game of the season, and then it can all end with an impromptu press conference where he gets to stay and open the next season with a loss that frustrates the fan base beyond belief.

2. So...Nick Fitzgerald...1960s coming-of-age teen fiction character, or token Irish stereotype from a World War 2 drama?

He's really more of an undercover superhero. Bruce Wayne, Nick Fitzgerald, Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Clark Kent...see, it really sorts of just fits in with the rest of them. However, on Saturday, he's just going to be LSU's worst nightmare.

3. There seems to be a chance of rain on Saturday, I have to ask...will Bully be bringing his doggles down to Baton Rouge?

Bully always, always travels with doggles.

4. Name your five favorite cowbell-featured rock songs, excluding Blue Oyster Cult.

You said there would be no math involved with these questions. Making me mention five is definitely math related.

But since you asked...

How about War's "Low Rider," Rick Derringer's "Rock-n-Roll Hootchie Koo"--quick aside, how wild is it that this guy wrote Hulk Hogan's "Real America?"--Beastie Boys's "Hey Ladies," DMC's King of Rock, and Mountain's "Mississippi Queen."

All of this begs the question, why was there not a Cowbell Heroes game?

5. So how did y'all get the Happy Little Trees guy to play wide receiver? He's pretty good.

Because he realized that you do your best if you do a job that makes you happy, and in Starkville, we don't make mistakes, we make happy little accidents.