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Link Gumbo - 9/2/16

Your second gameweek Gumbo of the season. We’re nearly there

AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl - LSU v Texas Tech Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

He’s your second Wednesday with Les of the season, where Miles has officially banned fun and canceled Christmas by saying anyone who makes the Lambeau Leap will have to hitchhike home. Tre White says he’ll call his bluff. There’s also quotes on Fournette returning kicks, the running back rotation and more -

While heaping plenty of praise, Wisconsin players and coaches spoke in detail about their plan to stop, or perhaps more aptly slow down, Leonard Fournette. Like Morgan Freeman in The Dark Knight, I say “good luck.” -

In something pretty cool, the company that has made the last 23 official Super Bowl coins for the coin toss will be making one for the game this weekend. It’s 24-karat and 39 millimeters in diameter -

In more touching news about the flood relief, Wisconsin is planning to make a donation before Saturday’s game and is hoping to raise $50,000 -

Lou Holtz picks LSU to win the national championship this year....while talking to T Boone Pickens? -

Mel Kiper’s first Big Board of the season (insider subscription required) features two LSU players in the Top 5 -

Tiger Rag’s Cover Issue for this season is a profile on Leonard Fournette as he seeks to win championships and be a loving father in what will surely be his final college season -

Cool Q&A with Barry Alvarez about his history with Les Miles when Miles was at Michigan in the 1980’s -

For the cover story of today’s Daily Reveille, the LSU student paper talked to Kevin Faulk, Charles Alexander and Dalton Hilliard, the LSU legendary running backs of yore, to find out what they think makes Fournette special as he runs past many of their school records -

From the Omaha World Herald: Home field records for teams in the Power 5 have plummeted in recent years to a collective 50.8 percent, meaning home field advantage has all but disappeared everywhere in big time college football. Everywhere, except the SEC -

You never know how some of LSU’s best baseball players will do on the road to The Show. After many struggles, JaCoby Jones has finally made it to Detroit, where he’s already scored a game winning run. -